The One Basic Skill You Need to Standout as an Entrepreneur

For you to stand out as an entrepreneur, with a thriving business, there are skills you should have, these are gotten from reading books and attending seminars which are essential.


But these skills gotten via these medium can take you so far.


As an entrepreneur that want to stand out from others, there is one basic skill you need because of its necessity in running your business, from recruitment to sourcing for venture capitalist to getting customers.

That skill is sales!


You cannot get this skill from reading books or attending seminars.


You can get this skill by getting to work. All successful entrepreneurs were once sales men and women as they started from cold calling to knocking on strangers doors. With these terrifying actions, they were able to hone their sales skill.


The terrifying act of rejection by prospect can scare you from attempting to make a sale. As I have heard most of our client who prefer they hire someone else to do the job. Surprisingly enough, they get to discover that sales is not only made to customers, but partners, employees and investors.


You will need to convince them on why you think your vision will work in the first place.


Sales skill can make you learn and build up habits that will suit all ramification of running your business successfully; These are not limited to;


  • Communicating effectively
  • Building relationships
  • Listening to prospect and client
  • Managing and building your clientele base
  • Pushing through hard times.


So, how best can you develop this sales skill?


You see my friend, reading all the books in the world and attending seminars from where you are to Johannesburg won’t take you close to where you should be as an outstanding entrepreneur.


It is by getting out to do the real work.


And one major way to go is, getting marketing jobs with purely commission based payment system.


When you find and stick to a good commissioned based marketing jobs, you are bound to learn, collaborate and grow in your sale skills and as an outstanding entrepreneur at large.


Most successful entrepreneurs started via this route to hone and develop the sale skills and other skills too, which gave room for their success in the long run.


Although, getting into purely commission based marketing jobs will need some emotional skill set  such as being motivated, determined, disciplined, positive and confident coupled with other skills as being a great performer, interviewer and to have an open mind to learn new things.


Obviously, you can work on the above skills but it all boils down to being disciplined.


The more outstanding you want to become in your sales skill as an entrepreneur, the more you will have to be insatiable with the spirit of doing more, meeting more people and closing more deals.


Of course, you should be ready for rejections if you desire to be an outstanding salesperson as the more people you meet the more rejections you get the closer you get to making sales.


The professional salesperson is never a professional as they are always out there researching their customer, acquiring knowledge on closing deals, learning more about tools and strategies, setting goals and see that they achieve those goals.


You will also want to work on your communication skills. Very important.


It is believed that sales people are great talkers, but the reverse is the case. Sales people are great listeners as they ask questions, while the prospect respond, they identify problems the customer is facing and provide solutions.


Marketing coach and best selling author, Steve Schiffman, points to the fact on a salespersons need to be less of a talker and naturally inquisitive in the marketing process as it will help foster relationship and trust from your prospect.


It is all about paying attention which is also a healthy way to make your prospect feel special, just imagine you being a talkative, there will surely be a time you begin to sound like a defaulting electric generating machine in the ears of your prospect and will make them not want to see you anymore.


The need for you to possess positive attitude cannot be overemphasized as you will need this to turn a bad experience to your favour.


More so, to go into a purely commission based  marketing career, you should know it is not a get rich quick scheme as you are going there first to learn how to connect, make sales and grow in your sales skill to become that outstanding entrepreneur you always want to be.


You have any other sales skills in mind? Share them in the comment box so we can learn too.




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