Revealed at Last! Starting this Capital-free Part-time Consultancy Business can bring in Funds for Your Project

You are probably wondering where to get funds for your project, banks and other financial institution have contributed very little and even nothing to fund individual project. What you may not know is that, some smart individuals still carry on with their project, despite the biting “two-edged sword” teeth of the economy recession.

Though, economy recession around the globe may be tough for most people but two things usually happen during these times; new businesses are being launched and the wealthy invest their money into viable portfolios like real estates, for their money to be safe and growing, so as to avoid the inflation from chopping their money into smaller denominations. Remember, the wealthy seldom keep their money in banks.

In this post we will focus on the fact that the wealthy use this period to invest in mostly properties and tap from that opportunity, I will be introducing you to real estate consultancy business, before you write this off as another vague opportunity, you will want to read to the end and see how easy it can be for you to make sales, no matter your location, so far you are not dumb and you are connected to the internet.

Introducing you to Digital Real Estate Consultancy

You see! What most real estate investors are scared of is the perpetual property scam which comprises lack of, or fake documents and properties being sold to multiple owners. Once they can see how viable and trustworthy a property company is, they will invest.

With that in mind, you should be rest assured that you are covered, because the property companies you will be working with are all legitimately registered and all their properties do come with the required documents that makes the investor a rightful owner.

Let’s take a brief look at what Real estate investment is;

Real estate investment or business has to do with the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate (land/properties) for profit.
This has proven to be one of the lucrative business in Nigeria and the world at large with high returns on investment. As an investor who desire to join the league of big boys making killer money from real estate business, first thing to consider is to define the angle in which you will makes your entry from because there are so many ways of making money from real estate business.

The angle I will introduce to you today is termed ‘Real Estate Consultancy’ because in this part of the real estate business you do not need capital to start and you can start right from where you are.   In fact, most real estate consultants that have made it did not invest a dime, you may call that luck, but it’s not, they chose the traditional word of mouth and social media marketing to bring in sales.

One major fact you should note, is that you should never underestimate anyone in your marketing as you never know who that roadside mechanic have on his contact list, that will bring in sales for you, you may ask how… let me tell you.
Most of the property companies you will be consulting for, pay referral bonuses to three generation of referrals and the bonus percentage ranges from 20% to 3% scattered across the three generation of referrals.

Assuming you are Mr. A and you brought me in as Mr.B and I brought someone in as Mr. C, all three of us consulting for the same property company that pays 15%, 5% and 3% respectively to its consultants, Mr. C then sold a plot of land worth 1,000,000 naira, Mr.C will be paid 15% (150,000 naira), I,  Mr. B will be paid 5% (50,000 naira), while you Mr.A will be paid 3% (30,000 naira).

Now, that is a worst case scenario, think about the best case scenario where you bring in sales, one good thing with this business is that you do not have to go and survey properties with the property companies, they will handle sales and service delivery themselves, so your job will just to market your properties and forward the property details to interested buyers using their platform.

That is how this business can be so sweet that you do not need more than 2hours daily to tell people in your social network or through word of mouth that you have legit properties for sale and forward them with details. One funny thing is that, people within your social network actually wants to invest in properties but do not know how they can go about this, they will not tell you because they do not know you are a digital real estate consultant.

In a nutshell, after signing up with these property companies, you should utilize word of mouth and social media marketing, like your facebook , IMO, Whatsapp, e.t.c, secondly never underestimate anyone.  You will be surprised at your earnings in no time.

To start your ‘digital’ real estate consultancy business in less than 45 minutes, download the list of property companies here.

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To your real estate success ! ! !