Forget Bank Loans and their Likes! Join Our Team to Access Funds for Your Business/Project.

Every now and then, the number one question most of our client or prospect do ask is “how do I raise capital for my new business idea?”. During our client analysis meetings, we check the frequently searched questions from the back-end of our portal, only to see that more than 80% questions entered by readers are based on how to generate capital for their business idea or the latest technique to get loan from banks and other financial agencies.

The sourcing for capital to fund our business ideas or project has not been easy as it is faced even by us. Seeing the fact that we have a common problem, we went in search for a solution and discovered the best and sure way to raise more than 200,000 NGN (for those in Nigeria, the payment is in Bitcoin) within a given month and this is a continuous payment. This is what we have tried and we wish to deliver it to you, so you can no longer find it difficult to raise cash.

Introducing You to our Zarfund Solution Team

You should have heard of zarfund or even joined it but could not get referrals, be rest assured that is no longer a problem. Just in case you do not have a full knowledge of what Zarfund is all about.

Zarfund is known to be a donation platform that is based on a 2×2 matrix, meaning you will have to refer two people to come under you and donate 0.03BTC  each, this is after you have upgraded to the first stage where you donated 0.03BTC to your upline.  Although, they do sell subscription services, you are only allowed to donate and receive donations with Bitcoin. Hold on, let us know more about bitcoin.

Note: 0.03BTC as at the time of this writing is around 13,500 NGN. 

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a global digital money also known as crypto-currency with no central authority that controls its production, uses and flow, unlike other currencies that can be controlled by a Nations central bank or government. This is said to be the future money alongside other crypto-currencies, due to the numerous advantages it possesses over the normal currencies.

As at the time of this writing, 1BTC(Bitcoin) = $770, in Nigeria naira, the estimate of 1bitcoin should be around 400,000 NGN, which may be enough to start your business or project.

That is the power of Bitcoin and you are very lucky  to have seen this post, so you are invited to join our team on Zarfund named “Zarfund Solutions Team”.

Why You Should Join Our Zarfund Solutions Team

As the name implies, we discovered problems faced by most entrepreneurs to raise capital for their project, we then solved it by joining the Zarfund platform and we were able to raise more than 200,000 NGN in Bitcoin under two weeks.

But there are three problems faced by most folks in Nigeria  with Zarfund, they are;

  1. Where to buy and sell Bitcoin they will use for donations.
  2. Issues of referring people to join the platform
  3. Little or no knowledge of Zarfund and Bitcoin.

The good news is that we have strong and viable solutions for these three problems, they are as follows;

  1. We will sell Bitcoin to you and also buy bitcoin from you and pay into your Nigerian bank account.
  2. Do not worry about referrals, our marketing team have that covered as we recruit people to join our team on a daily basis.
  3. We will answer your questions and enlighten you more on this program. mind you, this is not a ponzi scheme,you are paying to a team members account and other team members are paying into your account too, every month.

With these in mind, here is a step by step guide on how to join our Zarfund Solutions Team.

First of all, you will open a Bitcoin wallet, this is where you receive, send and store your Bitcoins. It is like your bank account, so you will need to use your special email for this and do not forget your password. I recommend you open your bitcoin wallet with blockchain.

Then you will need to contact me so I can add you to our whatsapp group “Zarfund Solutions”

Call/SMS/Whatsapp: Kelvin +2347060456088, Benign +2348038457205.

So we can start from there by telling you what to do, you can also drop your whatsapp number via the comment box below.

Remember, we are a team, so we have taken all the loads of you having to refer people before you earn and where to convert your Bitcoin to naira easily. So you do not have any excuse why you cannot start that project of yours and have a wealthy lifestyle.

Welcome to the Zarfund Solutions Team, where we do all the work for you.

Contact us now or drop your number below to join our team.