8 Reasons why you must add Blogging to Your Online Business

Are you wondering why your online business is failing and falling drastically? Even when you know that your idea is supposed to position you to the top in no distant time, maybe you are not taking blogging serious.

Not adding a blog to your online business or not taking it serious in the first place is like asking a lady out and not assuring her of your undying love. Yes, your prospective customers  will like to locate you, know about your business, see you as an industry expert before patronizing your product or services.


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Your online business should not just have an online presence in the form of a website just sitting there with the same content, I mean, this can be boring to both the search engines themselves and your prospective customers.

Below are eight reasons why you should add blogging and take it very seriously in your online business;

  1. Position your online brand as an industry expert

You blogging on your online brand will position you as an industry expert because you will generate content that will explain in details what you are offering to your prospects, you can also review your services or product on your blog and offer something unique with great value to your blog audience.

This will make them see you as the go-to individual or business when it comes to your niche. For instance, if you are running a travel agency business, you can blog on travel and tourist site attractions, when would be the best time to visit a location or the living expenditures of a given location. You just have to be creative as this will give your online business a voice in your industry as a leader.

2. Develop Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Blogging on your online business portal can enable you to develop a solid customer relationships with your prospect and turn them to repeat customers, remember, nothing is sweeter than having repeat customers in your business.

You can also use blogging to ask your prospects questions on their most pressing needs relating to your industry, or how best they want your product or services, this will give you a clue on what your prospective customers want and will enable you to go work it out and give them, thereby building relationships with your customers in your online business. Nothing is more adorable to a prospect when a business gives him the opportunity to air his problem to a solution provider, which is your online business.

As you respond to your audience questions or comment on your blog, your conversations will be there  for a long time for other prospects to see, this can bring about trust and credibility for your online business.

3. Blogging increases search engine optimization

Personally, I use to see search engines as humans , because they love fresh content, now put yourself in google shoes, if you you should visit a website today and you see one content and you revisit for three to five consecutive times, i don’t think you will like to come there.

That is how search engines operates, anytime a query is entered by humans to get solutions to a given problem and you have been adding fresh content that tallies with the query, your website is indexed and you get a prospective customer in the process. So, your website will be optimized if you take blogging serious.

4. Blogging brings out the personality of your online business

Blogging brings out the personality of your business in the sense that people sees the vision, mission and the perspective of your online business through your blog. This makes people connected with your business as they can learn and interact with her.

Blogging can be used to tell your brand story about your company, ideas, employees and why you are in business with the sole aim of helping your customers, this will bring about confidence in your online business which will also lead to relationship with your prospect and sales at the end of the day.

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5. Blogging is your public relations tool

Blogging can also position you in front of the press as journalist scouting for content can see your blog and grant you an interview relating to your industry, this is free advertising for your online business as you will be in the news with no hassles.

You can also use blogging as your public relations tool to announce special discount or other important happenings in your online business. Blogging is just so automated that you can get immediate feedback from both customers and prospects which makes it easier for you to explain your special announcement and enable your business to have a complete business communication cycle.

6. Blogging drives traffic to your website

You can say blogging is the center point of your online business as it can also be used to drive massive traffic to your website. For instance, after adding content to your blog, sharing that content to your different social media channel linking back to your blog, there will be high rate of traffic coming from those links back to your website as people will share your link to their friends, circles, networks on social media.

7. Blogging helps convert prospect into customers

When a prospect lands your blog either through social media, search engine, e.t.c and he signs up with his email on a form  you added on your blog for him to receive a gift, newsletter, bonus, e.t.c then you will be able to market your online business more effectively to that prospect and more of them that will sign up and turn them into customers. Imagine you having an average of 100 sign ups per day, that will be a good achievement to you, I guess.

8. Blogging makes you innovative

Blogging in your online business can make you creative and innovative, in the sense that, you can integrate newsworthy happenings into your industry and talk about it. This will also bring in feedback from your readers and more sharing via social media.

In doing this, you will have to be up to date with the happenings in the world around you and be creative enough for you to integrate them into your industry. For instance, if your online business is about selling a course on becoming an entrepreneur and the media did carry a news on how unemployment rate have gone up to 57%, you can easily integrate this news into one of your content and how your online course can help solve this problem.


With these eight reasons on why you should blog and take blogging more seriously in your online business, I believe you are convinced and moved to roll up your sleeves while you get to work, you just have to create time for this or you outsource this out to an experienced blogger.

To your success, as you add blogging to your online business.

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