5 Solid Ways to Overcome Business Startup Fears

Fear is a normal phenomenon in every individual’s life, right from the day you were aware of your existence till date. We all have one  phobia or the other, from objects to feelings and other uncertainties of life.

This emotion called fear is very present in the life of an entrepreneur, as you will be afraid of fear itself when trying to start a business, from your family and friends to articles from some “negatives” which you may come across on the internet do contribute to fear of  starting your business.

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Talking about business startup and fear, there is this negative statistics going around, even those around us who are not good at keeping other relevant statistics figures usually remember this that “90% of businesses do fail before their first five or ten years or so in business” this alone can scare you to your teeth and you end up failing by not starting before you even start your business.

To me, that is a scam from the pit of hell as you can well succeed in starting and growing your business. Below are five solid ways you can eliminate that fear of starting your business;

  1. See the reasons for your fears and replace them

Once you discover this fear of starting your business, you should try and find out why you are really afraid, It may be how are you going to survive running a business in the first few month or few years (without a paying job, just you and your business), replace this fear with “what If I lost my job”.

Other fears may be what if I fail, the people around me will laugh me to scorn, you can replace this with what if I succeed “in the long run” in my business, the people around me will be proud of me, The idea here is replacing your negative fear to something positive, because the middle name of life itself is “uncertainty” so you don’t know what tomorrow may bring but you can predict what you can bring by your thoughts, words and action.

Just replace your negatives to positives.

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2. Share your business idea with a like minded person

Please don’t go telling your friends and family members whose minds are preoccupied with unnecessary thought on how to go and sleep with the next beautiful lady, or how to go see  some weirdo movies. This kind of people are not your types and will make your business idea a miscarriage by killing it before birth. They don’t have visions and goals in life as they are here to just eat, piss, shit, sleep and wake up till they die.

You may want to edit your circle of friends by getting closer to people with like minds, if you cannot get such people around you, the internet is one good place to start with, you can join business groups on social media, forums, I mean, you are reading this now and I can be your friend, right?  So you can make friends and share your business ideas with any of them so they can constructively analyze it to see how best it will work out for you.

3. Craft out a “worst case scenario” strategy

Don’t get this twisted as what you will do here is to map out your plan A to your Plan Z (if possible), this is where you bring out back-end incomes and product A to product Z or services as the case may be. This is necessary so you can be rest assured that if you below expectation in the first, you can cover this up with the second.

This can also mean crafting out your marketing strategy and dividing your target audience so you can start with one and ,move to the next once you feel the previous is working out as expected. And you should give yourself a long time frame before moving to the next strategy, there is no way you will implement up to the third and you won’t get it right. Once you can do this, you will discover that being an entrepreneur pays than slaving your ass for someone else to control.

4. Launch your business immediately

I mean, there is no better time to start your business than now, after implementing the three ways above, you should start, you don’t need money or 500 hours free time to start, just start by doing something that will move your business forward everyday no matter how small.

ST. Francis of Asisi have to put it this way, that “you should do what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”. You can make that your business idea a reality only if you take action. start now with the small necessary things everyday and grow from there.

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5. Even when you want to fail, don’t fail

The subtitle is crazy, right? well, it is,  after all we entrepreneurs are seen as crazy in the society and whole world seems to be against us when we are just starting and talk about us when we offer them solutions.

You see, my friend, failure is the biggest scam on earth, it does not exist only when you want it to, it is an illusion and can only come to you when you accept it.

Talking to 100 prospect in a week without getting one sign-up to your product or services is not failure, when you go back home and kick your product or services away in frustration without going back to it again is failure.

What i’m saying here is that you should be frustrated with your efforts but put it to good use by going back to your drawing board and see what you are not doing right, this is where you will need your like minded friend and a mentor too, they will guide you, seriously if you don’t have one, talk to me  and you will get this fixed.

Bottom line, don’t fail just check to see what you mot doing right, tweak and go out again and again, there is this feeling you will get once you get the first sign-up, I won’t tell you how the feeling is, go and feel it yourself.

With this ways, you will see yourself running and flying high in no time in your business startup. Please forget about those negative statistics out there as they are from failures and turn deaf ears to any one trying to give you reasons why your business idea won’t see the light of the day because in the real sense, no business idea is useless, in a worst case, they just need a little tweaking.

What if I approach you in the 1970’s to tell you that I want to create a platform where anyone in the world could just ask a question and answers from other different platforms will just come up, I will look and sound crazy to you right? Well, GOOGLE  founders may be crazy then, but they made the above happen and now they are getting bigger by the day.

Just over come that those fears and start your business, the sooner you start the better for you.

See you at the top.

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