3 Solid Ways to grow your customer base as a business owner

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Prospective customers should be the main focus of every entrepreneur. You should therefore possess the ability to find a customer, satisfy the customers with your product and services so they can come back again.


Customers are the lifewire of any business, regardless of the type of business you do, either business to business or business to consumers; without customers, there will be no need for your business to exist in the first place.


So, how exactly can you grow your customer base ?


Here we will look at ways you can grow your customer base either as a new entrant into the business world or as an existing business owner.


  1. Identify who your customers are:

The most important activity for any entrepreneur is to identify your very best customers using specifics. This will enable you to focus all your marketing energy to that chosen group as it will also minimize stress and maximize profits, which is the ultimate goal for any business venture.


In identifying your customer, you need to use your customers point of view to define your product or services. Hence the need for you to be empathetic,  as you want to know how your product will help your ideal customer and how your product or services will improve your customer life in general.


A chosen customer profile also known as demographics is another route to identify your customer.  A well placed customer profile information such as age, occupation, education, income and general situation in life and work are necessary data used in identifying who your customers are.


Why should your customer prefer to buy from you instead from someone else? This should be due to the benefits your product or services these customers get. As a smart entrepreneur, you should identify this benefits and seek to improve on them.


The location of your ideal customers from where they live, work and where they are when they purchase your product or services should be known as it will help you define your target audience when advertising and marketing your product or services.


2.  Get to Know Your Customers Better:

Getting to know your customer better is a great prerequisite to grow your business. You will have to bring out product or services that will satisfy your customers.


How then can you know what your customers like?


This is by getting to know who your customers are using informations obtained from them to your advantage. Apart from using customer profile information and purchasing history, there are other ways you can get to know your customers better.


One of the major ways you can know your customer is to ask them questions as regards to what they really need, which you can use to serve them better.


These questions which can come through one on one interactive communication  or survey should emphasize on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ to help visualize what needs to be accomplished in order to seek new opportunities and stand out from competition, by providing an outstanding customer experience.


An event hosted by your business either live on your physical premises or through a webinar will also do the trick to get to know your customers. Through this event hosted by your business, customers can get to complain about a dissatisfaction about your product or services which can help you provide a better customer experience.


Customers review on your product or services will also serve its purpose to know how well or bad you have satisfied your customers needs.  Honest reviews and testimonials from your customers through the comment box of your social media platform, your website or from business review websites such as yelp can help you fix problems you are not aware of and grow your business.


The process of understanding your customers could be tiring but necessary. As you do not want them to go complain about your business offers to a third party which could be a potential customer.


Businesses who go the extra mile to get to know their customer and use all the available data in their arsenal are able to broaden their reach in advertising and marketing, thereby taking their business to the next level.


3. Offer Great Customer Services:


The dream of any entrepreneur is to have loyal customers, I mean customers who are ready and willing to refer your business to friends, families and total strangers. This is the best form of advertising and the only way for you to get such kind of loyal customers is to offer great customer services.


Offering great customer services goes beyond just selling your product or services. It is all about a genuine desire to keep your customer happy.


Listening to what your customer has to say and responding to their demand by resolving the issue or getting back to them as soon as possible with the solution. It is better to respond to the issue in one way or the other immediately than not doing anything at all so your customer don’t feel ignored.


Also, product knowledge is of importance as this is your only weapon you will use to educate and enlighten your customer.


You should however, endeavour to train your staff on these secrets of great customer services which are listening and responsiveness, being friendly and a good knowledge of how your product benefits your customer.


There are only a limited number of businesses  that deliver excellent customer services out there. The gap between the positive and negative side of excellent customer services is rather wide, with negative side winning.


A large number of businesses these days pay very little attention to customer services, hence the customers leaving them for their competitors. All it takes for you to provide excellent customer service is for you to be attentive and nice to your customers


Without customers, there will be no business. Using the above strategies can help grow your customer base which will in turn grow your business into profits and possibly recurrent income. Show your customer that you care by providing excellent customer services.


To your business success!