Why You Should Start a Niche Recruitment and Staffing Firm

Are you still thinking of the business you can start from home with little capital? Niche recruitment and staffing business is one business you can start from home with little capital which is capable of putting you in the millionaire status within six month in business.

The following are reasons amongst others why you should go into this business;

– According to research, this is a growing $126.8B industry which gives you enough room to earn cash fast.

– You are touching lives and making a global impact by providing jobs.

– This business can run on low start up cost and low overhead.

– You will be a small business that flourishes the global economic system by finding employees.

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Details on Niche recruitment and staffing Business

This is a business that adds value to two different groups of people; the business owners or employers and the job seekers. So, you as a Niche recruitment business owner will be the middle man between the two groups by providing job for the job seeker and skills or talent for the business owner or employers.

As the name implies, you are helping businesses around you find employees in a given niche, so let’s say there are hospitals in your society with low staff, you can position yourself to open and run a Niche recruitment and staffing business in the health or medical sector, you can go as far as focusing on sub niches too, that depends on your research and feasibility studies.

You may say there is no job anywhere due to the high rate of unemployment, but the truth is, there are jobs but no skills, employers want skilled employees and if you can position yourself in a given niche, you will be able to add value and earn cash fast.

How You Earn

The Niche recruitment and staffing business is a business with more than one way to earn clean and legit money, the two major ways to earn money here are;

Direct placement/Permanent Hire : – this is an instance where You find a job for someone “the candidate” who will be making $100,000 per year in salary.

– You charge the company 20% of the candidate’s $100,000 salary.

– You receive a check for $20,000 within 30-90 days.

Note: If you do that once a month for 12 months (using those numbers) you would have made $200,000.00 in your first year of business just finding employment for one person a month for 12 months.
Contract/Contract-to-Hire/Temporary Placement (Your Residual Income):
In this instance the company/Employer is looking to pay you $70.00/hr to find or fill a contract job.

– You find the temp/contractor/candidate and pay them $42.00/hr + pays insurance benefits etc.

– You make $28.00 per hour for every hour your candidate works.

– So, if your candidate works a 40-hour work week, your check is $1,120.00 every week.

You should note that to earn more cash in this business, you have to be good in multiplication meaning you should be able add more staff and client to your database. This can be achieved through marketing and packaging of your services.

You should also be able to identify a good niche, this can be done through a careful observation of your society and which industry are the highest there. This will enable you create a staffing business in that niche or related niche, for instance, you discovered there are lot of banks or you have an idea on the banking sector, you can create a niche staffing and recruitment business in the banking sector to provide bankers or in the Information Technology sector (which is also related to banking) to provide programmers or digital marketers to the banks.

One Major Way You Can Package Your Business

Like I pointed out in the beginning of this write up, there are jobs and job seekers too, but what we lack in the society is skills. This is where you can position your Niche Recruitment and Staffing business by getting the job seekers, training them effectively in the niche/area you operate and giving them to employers and business owners either as permanent or temporary staff.

The above is one major reason employers and business owners will patronize and refer you too to other business owners or employers.

With the above information, I hope you are good to go in your Niche recruitment and Staffing Business.

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