Why You Need Marketing before Start up

Many business owners and aspiring business owners alike do have one tradition amongst them, this tradition is based on their belief that you need to start up before you start marketing.

One thing they fail to realize is that marketing is all about building and maintaining relationships among your networks, some entrepreneurs who follow this simple and logical principle of marketing before startups will always build their networks of friends and associates via different means.

Some business owners and the likes, will always find it easy to sell to ready customers amongst their networks who they have already built a relationship with.

Another advantage of this is that, once your services or product are good and satisfy your customers’ needs, you will surely get referrals from them which will in turn expand your customer base.

Maybe you are wondering how to go about this whole stuff, here are three simple steps to follow;

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Build Networks – your first step here is to build networks of people who will be your loyal customers once you start up your business. This step can be achieved by being part of groups, networks, NGOs, and their likes. This is even easier now with the help of the raving social media networks. You can also be specific by being part of niche selected groups, which can also be related to the business area you chose to startup.

Participate Actively – You should endeavor to participate actively in the networks you join, be it online or offline, in building relationships with your new found friends in your network, you must be prepared to offer free stuffs to gain their respect. Free stuff can come in the form of some advice, free consultations to members of the network. You just portray yourself as a professional in that niche.

Solve Problems – This point is an advance form of the second point above. You will have to look into what your network circle of friends really wants; this should be in line with what you intend to offer in your new business start up.

From the above steps, you can see that it will be very easy for you to sell to your networks, you will be amazed to see the turn out in sales once you are able to abide by these principles of building networks.

You can also expect referrals from your circle as your customers can become your most productive marketers once your product or services satisfy them.

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