Introducing for 21st Century Farmers and Food Producers

As you already know, we are in living in the era of efficiency and digitalization that makes our career and life in general fast and easy. Farming and agribusiness is one business which needs tools and  technology to meet up with the expectations of consumers. is an ecommerce platform from AfiaAfrika that provide sophisticated agricultural equipment, resources and agro-consulting services to enable African farmers and food producers do what they do best efficiently.

Farmquipment is also birthed with the aspiring agropreneurs in mind, with the tons of resources covering more than 2000 agribusinesses so you can conveniently choose your desired agribusiness resources and study to be approved practically in your chosen business.

What if you are stuck in confusion around your agribusiness? That should not be an issue as you can just log on to and pick up a consultant that will attend your needs by bringing your problems to progress in your agribusiness.

Talking about sophisticated equipment to kickstart, automate and grow your agribusiness to the next level, farmquipment is a platform that will meet your needs, we are talking about real value for your agribusiness to grow with production efficiency in mind.

You should also be aware that, farmquipment is on the value chain of AfiaAfrika with the intent of enabling farmers and food producers sell their product with ease via the mother platform which is AfiaAfrika. This is for emphasis to let you know how the platform was created to be with the agribusiness owner from the beginning to the end of the journey.

Finally, we at biznessbuildup are humbly proud of this innovative value of AfiaAfrika as it is one of our 5000 business set up and growth challenge before 2023. You want to start a business or take your existing business to the next level, contact us to get you fixed.

If you really want to start or grow your agribusiness, pay a visit to and see how your agribusiness will skyrocket in production.