How to Start the Production of Charcoal

charcoal production in nigeria

Apart from the local consumption of charcoal, the international community is in dire need of charcoal so much that they (foreigners), do come to Nigeria in search of this commodity.

Guess what? There is still a huge need for this commodity because just like food, it is being consumed. Another fact that you should know is that, charcoal production is not difficult to start at all. So far you are ready to work, you are good to go.

What is involve in this business of charcoal production?

Acquisition of trees-

In the business of charcoal production, you will need trees to be cut down and burnt to produce the charcoal, how do you this?

All you have to do is to go into the rural areas in Nigeria, approach the village heads by introducing yourself and inform them on your mission to acquire trees in their forest, (yes, you will not just enter someone village and start cutting their trees) .

One good thing is that, most of these villagers are even ready to give you their trees free or at a very little price. they will even labourers who will cut down the trees and burn them.

Bagging, Marketing Exportation-

After you burning and chopping off the burnt trees into reasonable sizes, you will need to bag them, move them to your own space, from where you can start marketing them to local buyers and exporters. For your marketing tips, please make use of the internet to advertise or the mass media (newspaper).

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Things You Should Take Note of-

1. Your charcoal should not be too small, it is preferable you cut them in big sizes.

2. Your target market should be the international market, this is where you will make it big

3. It is not a dirty business, as you will just supervise labourers to do the work for you.

4. You also need packaging and branding of this business so buyers will attribute a very high value for your product.

5. Register with the corporate Affairs Commission either as an enterprise/venture, Limited liability company.

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