How to Start Spices Production and Marketing Business in Nigeria

Spices are an essential commodity that is being consumed daily by almost the whole Nigerian population. This means with a good spice production, plan and packaging. You will add values to the society, which will in turn take you to the millionaire status.

Spices includes but not limited to curry, thyme, crayfish, pepper and so on. The production of spices is one simple task that any ambitious teenager can start and grow up. This means you do not need any technicalities to start the production and marketing of spices.

How to go about the Production of Spices.

Here you will be dealing directly with farmers or local dealers, you get these spices in raw form from them like curry leafs, ginger, thyme leafs, dried pepper e.t.c. Mill them into powder either differently or in a mix blend. The milling of these spices does not need any big machines either as you can outsource that of those local dealers if you don’t have them or cannot purchase them.

Another important fact you should take note of is quality control, here you will have to make sure your product is free from any form dirt particles and edible for use. As time goes on, you will apply for the compulsory NAFDAC and SON number. However, this should not deter you from starting as you can start now for your product and brand to gain acceptance from the public.

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The final fact you should take note of is that of marketing and branding, without this in any business, you are not going anywhere. Branding comes in the form of packaging your product in such a unique way as to differentiate you from your competitors. This packaging should include your Logo, colour and slogan with your business name.

Still on this fact, you should pay attention to marketing and draft out your marketing strategies, will you supply to super market chain stores, will you concentrate on a particular niche of people or you will concentrate on the working class. All this should be included in your business plan.

Finally, the business of spice production and marketing is a lucrative one and you will make it if only you are determined at it and have the will power to make it happen. To your success in all your endeavors.

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