How to Start an Online Branding Agency

online brand agency

The internet is really filled with so many opportunities as you can leverage on it in your business. An online branding agency is a hot business that once done well and everything is put in place, the sky will be your starting point.

A branding agency is a type of communication expert which specializes in creating and launching brands as well as re branding.

Now, don’t get it twisted, when I say online branding agency, it means your services will be rendered via an online portal, which is your office, your client will order  the type of services they need via your online portal.

Services you will Render as an Online Brand Consultant

For any organization to survive among their many competitors, they will have to put name in the mind of the people (customers).

Now this is where you come in, you offer your services to these organizations in the area of brand creation and brand awareness.

Brand creation—  An organization that lacks good  corporate identity, you will help them create one. What makes a corporate identity?

1. Colour— Look at famous organizations around you and notice one thing among them, their colours speak out loud, for instance MTN is known for its yellow colour while GTbank is known for its orange colour.

2. Logo— This is another vital symbol of an organization with good corporate identity. you can help an organization that lacks a good logo to create one.

3. Slogan— this is usually overlooked by most organizations, you can help them create one, a good slogan should not exceed two to three words, two words sends powerful signal, for instance MTN is “everywhere you go”

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Brand Awareness— Yes, you may likely get jobs from this service more than the previous one. Under here you create and design materials that will be used by your client customers and prospect inscribing the name, logo and slogan of the organization (your client). The purpose of these is to put the organization into the mind of the people frequently.

Therefore, materials that will be branded as such will be the ones used frequently. Examples as such will be;

1. Pen

2. Flash drives

3. Tee shirts

4. Cups/mugs

6. books

7. laptops (yes you can brand this for your client too)

8. Pillows

and so on

You dont need much to start this business as you can contract a graphics and printing house to do the job for once you get a contract.

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