How to Start a Recruitment Agency Business in Nigeria

Both small and big businesses around need competent staff to work for them, to get these competent staff when they are in dire need of them is very difficult. This is where you the recruitment agent is needed. To run a recruitment agency is a very lucrative one indeed because of the rate at which small businesses do rise up and old businesses tries to get competent hands.


This is a business you can start from home with little or capital and make a fortune and name for yourself. One good example of a recruitment agency is jobberman. And now MTN does business with them, so you too can start this business from home. Activities: Your activities include linking employees with employers, this is very easy, take a look around you, you can attest to the fact that there are thousands of graduate, even master holders. These people wil be so glad to submit their CV to you.


They will go to any length to do what you ask them to do. You will also link up with organizations and tell them what you are into and give them a few weeks, they will call to ask for staff, you then tell the category of the graduate that is needed to apply after which you conduct interview and select the best for your client’s organization. Once you can do this right and the employee you got is quite competent then be sure to get more orders and referrals to other organization.


Marketing: As it is everything especially the business world, marketing is an indispensable tool so you will have to market your recruitment agency. You can use national dallies, the internet and fliers to market your services. You should note you have two set of people that are your target audience the employers who are small and big business owners alike and the graduate. Other Stream of Creative Income


There are others way you can make money from this recruitment agency. One major way is to inform your graduate to subscribe for them to get job alert on the go through their mobile phone. If you cant get hold of short code which will deduct funds from the graduate phone. You can use bulk sms to send messages to their phone. This is a good service business you can start from with little or no capital. You are adviced to read anything on this business and ask question. Remember I am always there for you.