How to Start a Corporate Foodstuff Distribution Business

With time moving so fast, technology, the industrial age and the fight for gender equality have made life easier for those who want it to be.

What do I mean? Those days, women will end up as house wives which means they can to the market to source for foodstuff, fast forward today, which is the future, an average husband and wife are both corporate workers who have no time to go to the market for their daily needs.

Now, this is a good opportunity for you as you can start the business of becoming a corporate foodstuff supplier and distributor. you supply corporate workers foodstuff right in their offices and they will happily pay you.

Speaking from experience, because this is what we do at Afiaafrika, most of these corporate workers order for foodstuff only during month end.

How Do You Go About this Business?

All you have to do here is to liaise with farmers and local dealers of these food items, they are ready to give an whole sale price for each produce.

Even if you are not close to the farms, every state of the federation of Nigeria do have at least one big market where dealers bring food items from other producing state to sell.

You just locate the one in your state and liaise with them that you want to start distributing their foodstuff, they will readily supply you at an wholesale price.

Facts You Should Know About this Business

This business is wide because there are many foodstuff and some you may not be able to cover, so yo will outline the product you will distributing.

Make out a catalog of your product and approach organizations such as banks, government parastatals, other organizations and introduce your self and what you can offer  them.

Please you will have to make sure your product is clean and presentable, so that you can have both repeat customers and more referrals.

You can approach the cooperative societies of these organizations and also present yourself and what you can offer  them.

Finally, the packaging starts with you, you will need to package yourself while approaching the organizations. Dress cool, must not be suits, print a business card and get a good E commerce website for your business, all these will make them know you are serious.

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