Who Else Want to Develop or Blog on Their Expertise and Build a Multimillion Dollar Business in the Process???

If You are an Expert in any Given Niche/Area or an Aspiring Niche Blogger then Just Give Me 15 Minutes of your Time as this May Just Be Your Breakthrough To Success and Fame…

Even Though you don’t have an Area of Expertise, we will create one… Just Read on!!!

From: Kelvin Acha

Dear Friend,

Before I tell you what this is, I will tell you what it’s not;

  • We are not Selling any  Ebooks or video tutorial here, this is a complete Business Setup.
  • This is not the normal monetization methods of Google Adsense which will take you ages to earn $1,000 or less.
  • This is not a joke and all those other stuffs we do See on sales Pages online.
  • This is not the normal blogging you use to know like those for fun that we see around the web space these day

On the other Hand...

  • This is a Business which will be treated as one from Inception.
  • This is about us identifying an area of expertise for you even though you can’t recognize any.
  • This is about you turning your expertise into a steady cash flow of income via more than ten solid monetization methods.

    This is a real deal we are about to reveal to you… yes you and no any other person beside the person reading this.

I know you are interested, so let’s roll…

First of all, Who am I?

Kelvin Acha

Founder; AfiaAfrika.com.ng

I am Kelvin Acha, a successful international business and marketing consultant who sells his expertise via his blog; www.biznessbuildup.com along with his team of experts for more than five years.

I was born a business man, so I know the nitty gritty of running a business, be it online or offline. This actually turned me to a serial entrepreneur with three online firms with one of them running both online and offline. This is why you should give us the opportunity to work with you towards achieving success and fame.

Now, that is enough about me, back to you

Who you are? Where you are right now and what you want to achieve as your business concern is not my problem, all I care about is helping YOU the serious minded ones out there to take advantage of this great offer and explore your business beyond imagination.

Before I reveal this to you, first visualized yourself controlling a large loyal audience, simply not because you are a known internet marketer or you sell the best product…never but is just because you have a better package and attractive business blog that always encourage visitor to stay longer than they thought of, which bring more traffic and blog popularity.

Now I want you to take a close look at this amazing offer and tell me you wouldn't take advantage by taking a



Introducing You to this Special Offer!!!

Another Biznessbuildup.com


Creation and Monetization of a Dynamic Business Blog

Below is what you will get for FREE once you invest;

All these for Free!!!

  • Free domain name and hosting space for one year. Value- 8,500 NGN or $34/Year.

  • Free Wordpress , Plugins installation and site customization with full functionalities. Value- 15,000 NGN or $60

  • Free Monetization via Affiliate Marketing with more than one company. Value- 10,000 NGN or $40

  • Free Business consultancy services to discuss more ways you can monetize your Business Blog for one month. Value- 80,000 or $300

  • Free Marketing consulting services for one month to show you how well you can put your blog in front of millions of your Niche prospects. Value-85,000 NGN or $340

  • Free Online Branding Services for your Business Blog. Value-10,000 NGN or $40.

As you may have noticed, the value of what we are offering you is 208,500 NGN or $820.

But You are Getting All these and More for Free if only you Act Fast!!!

We allotted only 20 Spots and 15 client have invested already… More are still ordering as we have distributed this message via our digital marketing campaign to over 10 million people.

So Act Fast Today and Invest 43,500 NGN or $100 for your Niche Business Blog!!!



Option #1:

You can choose to spend money with at least three years which will all be filled with frustration and you may end up earning little or nothing for your efforts.


Option #2:

Or you can choose to spend so much money to develop and promote a business blog and you will be left alone all by yourself to fix the technical and business aspect.


Option #3:

Or you can choose to be smart and ride on our seven years blogging business and other IT expertise by investing 43,500 NGN or $100 to get a fully monetized Niche Business Blog.


My Suggestion here is;

That you should choose option number three because you will leverage on our expertise, time and resources to build a business from the scratch for you.

You will not have to bother about technical or other IT and marketing skills and strategies, this will be provide once you key in and invest.

This is a one time opportunity for you to own a full blog business with nonstop cash flow of over $1,000 or more daily, worth 208,500 NGN/$820 or a minimum of five years full of frustration with no direction…

We have considered the harsh global economic situation and have decided to slash the price down.

So for just a limited time and for the next 5 lucky people to order…

Just invest the little sum of 43,500 NGNor $100 to get a full cash spinning business blog.

Please How Can I Invest ??

All you will have to do is to rush to Guaranty Trust Bank (GT Bank)

and pay the sum of 43,500 NGN or $100 to

Account Name: Airflow Multimedia Concept

Account Number: 0111926221

International or busy client can use the payment portal below to deposit $66.00;

Deposit $100.00 using Payza or other cards


After payment, please send the following details to info@biznessbuildup.com
Your Full Names
Your Preferred Domain name (three names)
Your Email Address
Your Whatsapp Phone Number
Your Payment information
Your Location
Your Birthday

Once we confirm your payment, we will set up and monetize your Niche Business Blog within 48hours and deliver to you along with other useful materials.

For any clarification, inquiry please go through the FAQ below or call/whatsapp +2347060456088 or +2348038457205


Frequently Asked Question

Ques 1. How much am I paying to get a fully monetized Niche Business Blog?

Ans; For now you only invest 16,500 NGN or $66

Ques 2; How long will this offer last?

Ans; Once we get the remaining 12 slots, we may take down this page or increase the price.

Ques3; How long will it take for you to deliver?

Ans; 48hours or less, due to your domain name registration.

Ques4: After the payment what I do next?

Ans: You will send the following information to info@biznessbuildup.com;
Your Full Names
Your Preferred Domain name (three names)
Your Email Address
Your Whatsapp Phone Numbers
Your Payment information
Your Location
Your Birthday
We will get back to you once we confirm your payment.

Ques5: How can I make money if I take this action by paying this amount?

Ans: Once we set up your blog, we will give you step by step daily information, for one month on what you will do to add content and drive traffic to your blog. Meaning you will have to work but you will work smart.
Bottom line is when you follow what we tell you, in time the money will start rolling in, but not over night riches as that does not exist.

You are building a business here and we will be with you all the way.

Ques6: What if I later have issue with the blog, what should I do.?

Ans: You will contact us and we will respond ASAP

Ques7: How can I make my niche blog business famous and rank high with reasonable worth?

Ans: This is where our free digital marketing and free online branding consultancy comes in, we will provide you with information on how to go about it. Trust Me!!!

Ques8: What if I cannot recognize my niche or area of expertise that I can blog on?

Ans: Then talk to us before you order so we can help you identify a good niche you can blog on and make money fast.

Any other question or inquiry should be directed to info@biznessbuildup.com or call/whatsapp +2347060456088  +2348038457205

Warm Regards,

Acha Kelvin
Email: Info@biznessbuildup.com

P.s- If you really want to make steady cash from your Expertise or Niche blogging, I guess you know this is a best deal.

P.S.S. Stop procrastinating and make the financial changes you will need in your life while you still can. Everyone is born rich!

P.S.S.S. Remember, we just have 12 slots remaining and this campaign is in the face of over 10 million people right now, so hurry and grab your spot.

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