6 Promotional Tips for your New Business

Are you just starting a business and you are wondering how to get people to know more about your business?
Basically, finding ways to get people to know more about your business should be your first worry which you should tackle. This does not need any rocket science to do effectively.

The promotional tips I will share here is what I normally suggest to my client and they were happy they tried them, mind you; old businesses can also employ these tips. Below are eight promotional tips for your new business;

1. Brand Creation and Awareness: This is the first thing you should start with even before you go into a business. Even though it’s your business, it should have its own identity, your business should first of all be known for its brand identity.

Normally, a brand is not difficult to create; you just need to set aside or create the colour, slogan and logo your business will use and be known for. This is what you will be using in your advertising messages and any other physical tools your business will be involved in.

You should also note that your slogan should not be more than three words but can be less, why? It is noted that the average human mind can remember phrases with three words or less than a sentence.

2. Word of Mouth: This is normally overlooked by most new business owners, but, telling your friends, families, associates or anyone you come in contact with about your business will go a long way to promote your business, especially if you have a large network of friends and associates.

As a business owner, I will advise you to build your network of friends and associates so you can employ this strategy in your business.

One reason you shouldn’t overlook this promotional tip is because your friends and extended family members will be the one to promote your business to their own cycle of friends once they patronize you and discovered your services or product is excellent.

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3. Work on Quality: You don’t need to spend a lot on advertisement once your business produces and sells quality product and services; also part of working on quality is to make sure your business number one priority is to satisfy the customer. That means, you and your staff must have a healthy rapport with your customers and listen to them too.

So far you can put this in place, then your business will practically sell itself as your pioneer or existing customers will recommend your product or services to others.

4. Courtesy Visits and Letter of Introduction: This is one major activity you should perform for new business, though this tip may not be applicable to all businesses, but once your business fall within a category where your prospect is a corporate body, you will have to pay them a courtesy visit, you will also make sure to carry with you your letter of introduction.

Your letter of introduction and the courtesy visit should all carry the brand identity of your business. For instance, during your courtesy visit, you and your team are advised to put on wears that carries your business brand identity. Your letter of introduction should also carry your brand identity.

5. Get Your Promotional Items: You should print your brand identity such as your logo, colour and slogan on various promotional items mostly items that concerns your niche and give out as gifts to customers and prospective customers. Examples of such items can be pen, mouse, mug, bags, T Shirts, mini laptops e.t.c

6. Package Your Business: This can fall under Quality, but for emphasis sake, I will state clearly that this very important as every other tips I explained above. You should pay attention to packaging of your product or services with your brand identity.

This will give your business a high class feeling and an edge over your competitors as it will always put your business in the minds of your customers.

Apply these tips to your business or if you have started already with some, add the ones you’ve not started yet and see your business climbing to the top with more customers and profit.

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See you at the top.